General FAQs

Q: Is there any MSG in any of the Kitchen Accomplice products?

Some of the Kitchen Accomplice broth concentrates do contain yeast extract which FDA considers as containing naturally occurring MSG.  That said, ALL meat, mushrooms, cheese and tomatoes (just to name a few of endless natural foods) also contain free glutamates in the exact same way that yeast extract does.  If you have a sensitivity to yeast extract, then we recommend using our More Than Gourmet brand stock reductions such as Glace de Viande Gold.  Products bearing the More Than Gourmet brand do not contain any yeast extract and are classic bone stock reductions (i.e., bone broth concentrates).

Q: What are the “natural flavors” used in your products?

The natural flavors in our KA products are a proprietary blend of seasonings and spices. If there is a specific ingredient that you have concerns about, please contact us and we can work with you to get an answer.

Q: Can I use my product past the “Best Buy” date?

There is no food safety issue with keeping and using product past the use by date. There may be changes in the flavor over time, but there is no concern with food safety as long as it is kept refrigerated after opening.

Q: What is the modified food starch that is used in the products?

The food starch used is gluten free as it is derived from Tapioca.

Q: Are the Kitchen Accomplice products Lactose Free?

Yes, all the Kitchen Accomplice broths are Lactose Free

 Q: What are the shelf lives of Kitchen Accomplice products?

24 months unopened and then 6 months after opened stored in the fridge.

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